Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bio-load equilabrum

water culture! how stable is your aquatic water for your ornamental pet in a fish enclosure,tank or pond. This is a common mistake or dilemma a newbie or starter hobbyist begins his adventure. This can be a drawback or a valuable lesson to value and sustain for the rest of the times to maintain this exciting pastime. The gist of the matter is how to keep and how many to feed and by doing so , at which point for the grux of the matter supress the ammonia state of the waste and pollution to null state to keep the water parameters in the water feature eco friendly and viable. There is no hard and fuss rule here, the combination of control and the energy to protect and perform rituals and tasks to make the cultured water in good condition.
once routined and time tabled, the feed and fish appetite can be met and balanced for a manageable cycle for the habit.

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