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Oxygenated tank aerated very importance

this is a forum thread from that i raised up for help from fellow forummers

Hi pals, just need some advice about pumping into my 3ft tanks pair with 4 vent outlet air pump into my systems.I have been putting in these tubings for really oxydise my fish tank waters for good distribution and circulation purpose for fish health and vitality. One thing is i hope by doing this is doing no harm for my fishes at all cause like creating bladder swimming or unforeseen aquatic buoyancy problems.Hopefully, not neglecting certain species and type for some caution steps.If you have experienced or encounter or even practise these techniques, do share your makings and i will be most glad to learn from you. Thanks again Description: rain bar second last picture

oxygen levels cannot exceed 20ppm under normal conditions. call Dr Malick from Singapore hydroponics. if you can exceed 20ppm then you got a problem. call me. i make it a happy problem (a whole bonzai can be immensed into the water)my 2 cents

cheers bro! that is some good notes to digest . btw assume i use a conventional air pump for aquarium purpose means i should be safely use this without endangering my tank mates , right?

yes. lets take example this. i wanted to stick one jasmine bonsai into the water. however the roots will start to rot unless the oxygen levels go above 20ppm. Professor (real PHD) Dr Malick told me someone in Japan has managed to exceed the threashold to achieve this. Normal aeration will not cause swim bladder problems. in fact, to note . One single airstone is sufficient to aerate the entire tank.however in my extensive writing here, i have said that we will need different habitats to cultivate the biological filtration needed in the enclosed system. We will need a balanced ecological system. The negative impact of aerating so strongly is to reduce anaerobic processess (oxygen free). This will negatively impact the control of nitrates within the writings also covered using different substrates to achieve aerobic and anaerobic processes. Bio Rings with particular shapes can also achieve anaerobic processes where the upper layers of oxygen levels are depicted. However we must take note that they are not disturbed and the enclosed layer of the aerobic digestion will depict the oxygen if there are any questions, pls feel free to ask.

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Is there any way to measure the dissolved air level in the water?yes. you can get one. hanna or some other brand. ORP meter

But well oxygenated tank can reduce nitrate levels somewhat?nitrate consuming anaerobes dislike oxygen. however aerobic bbs will love it. imo, won't decrease nitrate a tat Description: Pump head last picture

"dr" tagore bro, i have also improvised a artificial effect like a waterfall to inject fresh oxygen from the air back into the waterslike i used a piped rain bar to penetrate the jet into the water creating a stream of water burst to enhance the oxygen manipulation for the water refreshing effectpls advice how this implementation improves the water conditions, parameters and nitrate/ammonia levels balancethks

bro tagore sir, Ups to you! i came to think of it, the other alternative of putting some blast into the water is upturn a powerhead/pump and stirring the effect of turbulance to the waters to churn the bursting effect into the water slip stream thus creating a massive current for oxygenating the air molecules from the sucking inlet down to the mixture of water+air= oxyside fresh waters kindly advice alsocheers!

this is call surface agitation. promotes water to air exchange. this is not oxygen injection as you mentioned. imo, it will not affect your water parameters too much.

1. Remove stagnant waters2. Mimic natural wind3. affects the arowana’s behaviour for 1 day, next day he ignores it. (varies)4. Disperse algae (algae does not strive in) 5. Lotic water - biota suitable for lotic waters6. Destratify/Turning the water – Remove/mix pelagic column water layers7. sorption hysteresis (wait, will update)9. keep the water surface in motion for oxygen exchange (wait, Will update)10. Algae is not able to sit at the surface of the water and soak up all the sunlight it needs for photosynthesis and it cannot survive without large amounts of sunlight11. Drops the temperature of the tankanymore pls add. i add much more latermy 2 cents

i need to raise 2 questions, hopefully this is helpful too1. If the water agitation and water bursting into the water artificially creates oxygen into the water for aeration and ciculation, that indirectly converts and retain useful oxygen compound if upon electrical black out situation when it restores most oxygen needed to longer period2. the effect literally create a skimming effect to the water surfaces and thus reduces top layering of fluids undesirable for the aquarium waters and elements for purification processeskindly pls correct and translate better info for me to share with fellow forummers too cheers!

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