Thursday, April 26, 2007

Foodchain reality

Big fish eat medium fish, medium fish eat small fish, so this is basically the food chain cycle. If you own and keep live feed for predatory fishes in your pond and tanks, natually you have to introduce a pool of feeder fishes which are smaller and common ,not ornamental and keep purpose, these surely is normal and sensible to artificially introduce them into your monster fishes to prey on the feeds meant. Some people think not, whereby the cruelty factor is brought up into this scenario and vows the ill fated fishes that are devoured by the larger fishes that craves for living fishes as baits to feed these fishes that are for rearing. Based on the food chain cycle and this method of introduction should not be a question of not providing and avoidable to serve this meal that seems unnatural.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fish Aquatic trends- game fish or ornamental fish hobby?

High end or home economics-your choice !
the game is open to minimalist or the extremist, going on a voyage to a high feature target rich environment to explore the eco system filled expanse and diverse hunt on a thrill adventure like a game fish trip is a rich holiday.
the normal little starter will be game simply for a basic tank setup for a residential experience for a home concept feature for a family deal
Imagine a life time experience to take a trip to the amazon will cost per passenger easily US$15K for this thrilling extravaganza to be angling a huge monster fish.
Local tropical fish farms organise by asian aquatics trade shows will only cost US$2K complete with an complete return air ticket

Tank or Pond, upsize or a water featurette

Geomancy or no feng shui, hobbyist who adores aquatics in a home living should create a lively and living space for a niche culture to keep pets which are water based in a home environment

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Filtration...what is best?

What we eat is what we are, therefore all living things consume by the mouth and that is the importance is what make us. Irregardless if the end result is rewarding or otherwise depends much on the beneficiary. So the filter is an important element for the aquatic science mechanism, its a system to purify and normalise the water structure and parameters. This is made of the physical layer and the biological chemisty to cause the water content to be as ideal as possible. Meaning the ph balance, the hardness and alkaline balance must be that against the toxic and nitro effects within the liquid state, thus eliminating harmful bacteria and unsafe chemicals to damage the living state of the organism.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oddball fishes rearing @ home aquariums worldwide

Its been a local and foreign trend to hobbyist to keep fish at homes, but from the ordinary goldfish to the more geomancy driven arowana, now the swing is on for uniques fishes from south & CENTRAL america SA/CA -cichlids ~to the amazon like arapaima ,peacock bass, tiger fish and dorado's, plenty of hype have stirred the aquarium community hobby world, the spin off have created multiple leverage and upmarket pricing towards the limits, we local can only be amaze with such escalations and hikes. On the contrary, the basic fish keeper and local fish farms/shops have been revive by such interests such that the desire to cause the spinoffs to continue to manipulate and constantly keep up the spirit . Lu0 han fever is also back on tracks after the late 90's hype of these wonder cichlids , its fun and exciting for alot of fish enthusiasts , and a whole lot of talk and sharing among the international forums, fish on!

Water World

Why innuendo? well as the meaning interpretes by itself (self explanatory)

noun.*A clever way to say what you mean, but not necessarily mean what you say because of underling hidden intent that must be inferred to be understood..:almost ALWAYS sexual but does not have to be ie. *Usually said in jest, but cum on folks, we know what your really getting at.

lets begin sharing like no barriers can, lets be open and nothing to hide, just like the checkpoints will, declare at will,lets go...

An innuendo is a remark or question, typically disparaging, that works obliquely by allusion. The intention is often to insult or accuse someone in such a way that one's words, taken literally, are innocent. Innuendo can make use of, but is by no means restricted to, double entendre (note that doubles entendres can be unintentional, while innuendo is always intentional).
When innuendo is used in a sentence, it could go completely undetected by someone who was not familiar with the hidden meaning, and he or she would find nothing odd about the sentence. Perhaps because innuendo is not considered offensive to those who do not "get" the hidden implication, it is often used in sitcoms and other comedy which would otherwise be considered unsuitable for children. Children would find this comedy funny, but because most children lack understanding of the hidden implication in innuendo, they would find it funny for a completely different reason from most adult viewers. -