Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oddball fishes rearing @ home aquariums worldwide

Its been a local and foreign trend to hobbyist to keep fish at homes, but from the ordinary goldfish to the more geomancy driven arowana, now the swing is on for uniques fishes from south & CENTRAL america SA/CA -cichlids ~to the amazon like arapaima ,peacock bass, tiger fish and dorado's, plenty of hype have stirred the aquarium community hobby world, the spin off have created multiple leverage and upmarket pricing towards the limits, we local can only be amaze with such escalations and hikes. On the contrary, the basic fish keeper and local fish farms/shops have been revive by such interests such that the desire to cause the spinoffs to continue to manipulate and constantly keep up the spirit . Lu0 han fever is also back on tracks after the late 90's hype of these wonder cichlids , its fun and exciting for alot of fish enthusiasts , and a whole lot of talk and sharing among the international forums, fish on!

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