Saturday, June 2, 2007 dare you eat peacock bass!...

The peacock bass, also know as cichla pavon or the tucunare, in the richest- its considered a very good game fish but on the contrary its a very good alternative cheap and easily available meat for the hungry for worthiness.

I see the contrasting needs of each extreme group of dependencies for the want for the fish for different reasons, i beg to contrast and comment on each type of meaning to the motion if this fish should be protected and only make a rule when a proposal is justified.

This is surely a very beautiful fish in appearance with distinction,no doubt about it, but the daring and thrill seeker will see this as an opportunity to enhance the fishing industry for its pride to fish and not eat,unlike those who has no choice but to prey for its flesh.

So much popularity has explode this natural hunt for gamers worldwide that the only place to hunt from its primary native location has brought this fish to the great americas and the far east. This has become a significant much sought fish in terms of hooking up or just putting into an aquaria for beauty ornamental purpose that somehows makes the avid enthusiasts thrilled and excited wherever maybe. I share this joy too

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