Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cooked meal or fresh cut feed?

I am into feeding my fishes with wholesome prawns with the lesser live feeders. The option of choice selection is the ready processed packed from the supermarket packet shrimp or the fresly caught prawns that is shelled and raw. I tried the latter and found i had no problems with the feeds for a couple of months, then i go for the alternative and used the frozen refrigerated packet ones, also no problem as the fishes consumed rationally. I then did a comparison with both water, fish and nutrition values. I did not observe any vast water foulage nor bad fish behaviors or any other upset to the whole aquarium. The option is to feed sparingly and no wastage and the waters does not affect adversely. Bottom line is its okay to go for any prawn feed type provided good handling and storage should be maintained to ensure they are consumed and properly replenished.

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