Thursday, May 3, 2007

Glass or acrylic?

There is a common notion fish tank are all glass material mde, i am wrong! i came to know some tanks are custom made to be tough durable acrylic or plastic.
I seem to prefer glass as it has properties to be see thru and easily maintain as it is easily fabricated, cut glass are tailored in various dimensions for that purpose.
Some professional and basic ones do come in acrylic too, these plastic sheets are light weight and easily handled to put into place by means of bonding materials to set the object. The downside however is the costs to manufacture as these fluid compond of plastic does not come cheap.
the other bad side i think is the surface and fragility to be scratched and defaced significantly , glass on the other hand can be polised but still fragile in another way.
so with both options, i reckon it boils to preference and costs, the eye of the beholder will choose the picture.

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