Saturday, July 21, 2007

lightings for the aquarium

take your pick, there are many choices of suitable lights to illuminate the splendor of your home aquarium for the viewing pleasure, so which type of light do you go for, that is the mind boggling for enthusiasts

well, firstly, the aquarium is none to look at if its without any lighting, if its in the night or dark, then the tank is just a box of mysterious creatures nothing to showcase your creations and water featured homemade art in your living room

so we have to go for the ideal choice and circumstances for the so call perfect sense of light up for the fish, water decor and the whole sense of water pet form of keeping in your house

lets see the choices, then the size , the maintenance and the overall effect of the light

there is a standard bulb tube that is commonly use as flourescent, then the PL form factor and the xenon light for mostly use for marine tank environment

the size has to compliment and proportionate to the length of the oveall size of the tank, the throw of the light should be adequate and not too powerful to be too glaring for the fish and fitting for our human eyes, if the lights are too dim and too bright, the effects on the fish can be devastating as to the longevity of the fish and the necessary micro-organisms within the tank eco systems.

the color of the light also depends on the selection process of you light taste and the heat generated by the light power and generation , otherwise a heater effect will burn out the waters and the fish survival for the ideal temperatures

lastly, look into the electricity consumption needed and maintenance necessary to upkeep the aquarium within your budget

energy saving ones like the pl energy compliant model are good investments for long term light mounts for the serious aquarium enthusiasts
these are most costly but do save your electrical billings for your savings to prevent a hole in your pockets

Rejoice in the possession of experienced technical high-quality fluorescent lamps in various specifications. Lamps used for aquarium, plant growth and germicidal are also available.• Type: T4/T5/T8/T9/T10/T12• Power: 4W-65W• Color temperature: 2,700k/4,300k/6,500k/7,000k/9,000k as customized.• Life: 10,000H• Application: widely used for home lighting
3 Lengths: 35in, 47in, 59in
Very Low Profile: only 29/32in wide by 1-5/16in high
Very Little Heat: gives off very little heat
Very Light Weight: 1.3 pounds or lessLAMPS
Very Good Lamp Life: rated life is 20,000 hours on average (Ordered separately.)Caution: always be certain that the lamp is seated properly in both of its sockets. Be sure that both pins of each end are inside their respective socket and that the lamp is rotated 90 degrees once the pins are in the sockets. Failure to make good electrical contact between the pins and its socket may result in arcing and excessive heating of the socket.
Excellent Color Rendition: high color rendering index (CRI) of 82+ELECTRICAL FEATURES
Quiet Electronic Ballast: built-in lightweight electronic ballast provides instant-on starting with no flickering and cool quiet operation
Energy Efficient: uses only 21, 28, 35 watts of power/fixture respectively
Easy to Link Fixtures Together: can be installed as multiple units connected in line with direct connectors or flexible connecting cables of 6in, 12in, 24in, 48in, or 72in
Several Fixtures May be Linked Together: maximum wattage in one “ganged” line is 245 watts
Not Dimmable: these fluorescent fixtures are not dimmableINSTALLATION
Very Easy to Install: easy to install with 3 screw-in clips, then fixture snaps into place
Plug-In Electrical Connection: can easily be connected to power by using a 6ft white cord & plug adapter
Hard Wire Electrical Connection: may be connected to power by using a special Hardwire Box, an optional accessory that will accept a standard household Romex wire and, in turn, can be connected to a T5 extra long fixture using a Flexible Connecting Cable. The Fluorescent T5 Extra Long Fixtures cannot be hardwired directly to household Romex wire without this special Hardwire Box; the profile of these T5 fixtures is simply too small. The dimensions of the Hardwire Box are 3-5/8in L x 2.25in W x 1-3/8in H. OTHER
Accessories: 1) T5 fluorescent lamps2) attractive, easy-to-clean plexiglass cover protects T5 fluorescent lamp3) direct connector 4) flexible connecting cables5) 6ft cord-and-plug adapter with or without an on/off in-line roller switch6) hard wire box
Average Pricing Estimate: for installations requiring several fixtures to be connected end-to-end the estimated per/foot price of the Fluorescent T5 Extra Long Light Fixtures, including all of the necessary components, is about $23.50/foot ± $5.00/foot. (This estimate does not include Professional Discounts given to “resellers” or discounts given for purchasing large quantities.)

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